Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Back !

Hello peeps ! It's been awhile since I last blog. Seriously almost a year. I don't know what got into me giving me that urge to blog back. Buuuutttttt.....I don't know what to write..Sigh.
As you can see, my last post was on Malacca but that was wayyy back. Recently went to Redang (i'm super dark now no joke !) and going to Vietnam for holiday on the 10th of June :)'s been okay. Oh well, whatever happens we still hafta live rite. Not much have happened this year comparing last year which was soooooo stressful and complicated ! This year is more like go to the flow la. Well, for last year, all I can say is I'm glad for everything that has happened, I appreciate everything we did. It's the past now, I will not attempt to do anything. Don't worry.

What makes me happy this year is that I've completed my freaking Diploma in stupid TAR College and I can finally make my move to Help College which I am very, very excited at the moment ! God knows will I still be excited and energetic after I get there ! Haha ! Well, my case in TAR was super pissed. I onli have one more paper left 2 semester ago. I took the exam, come out from the exam hall knowing that this time I'll confirm pass the damn paper. When the results came out, I was stunned seeing that I got C- instead of C which I need to graduate from that stupid college ! FYI, the difference between C and C- is just 4 bloody marks ! Okay, so I didnt get panic, went over to my head of school and approached Mr.Lee(he's the head of my school)'s secretary. I told her my situation, and she told me to write a letter to Mr.Chuan(Head of Public Relations)and explain to him about my case and she said that IT SHOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM UPGRADING IT ! So I was happy, and I talked to Mr. Chuan and he ask me to look for Ms.Chan(my lecturer). Like wtf. Okayyyy so I listened and I called Ms.Chan to make an appointment. All she can say is, "I can't really help you, all I can do is give u guidelines for your exam, why don't you look for Mr.Chuan ?" Okay Okay ! I go back to Mr.Chuan then ! I called him, and he said "Boy....Look ahh...we can't really upgrade your marks you know....unless you appeal for it maybe got hope(which I did but still the same). If appeal also cannot then you have no choice but to resit it again loh."


So no choice I resit it again loh. But this time different :) I got what I want ! And yes I'm going for the August intake which is on the 19th and hell yeah I can't wait for it ! See u guys there man ! I know you guys miss me alot ! Gahahahaha.....oh well, I'm done for now. Stay tuned for more updates !

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