Friday, May 30, 2008

Taman Negara 232425M08

Just got the pics from a friend of mine =)

So here am I to tell you ample of reasons why you guys should go and have a vacation in Taman Negara when you have the chance !

At least for me, I had a very good experience there. But for my friend Emilio, which I read his blog about his trip to Taman Negara, he don't quite seem to enjoy it =/. Maybe it's because of the place he is staying.

We took a journey for like 3-4 hours to reach there and of course we did take some pictures on the way there. Actually it's just me..xP~ One was driving, the other two were sitting behind playing with my Psp.

We reached there around 6+ in the evening and all of us are like dead tired. (Due to the excitement on the way there xD~)

We do have a "Night Walk" activity on the 1st day. But we didn't manage to take any pictures because my friend left the camera in his room. =.=..Aihs Aihs takpe ! takpe ! More chun pics coming up soon !

Basically on the 1st day, we are relaxing more than enjoying. Just because we have to charge up ourselves for the hectic day ! Gawddd...We had activities from sunrise to sunset. Buuuuuttttt...itchy me, couldn't sleep on the 1st day ! Slept around 5 something and woke up at 7 for breakfast !

The place we're staying =)

I just simply lurve this picture !

And this one too ! =D

All credits to my friend's excellent photography skills ;)

Was waiting for a few more of them before we head for out breakfast

So after breakfast, we head to our 1st activity which is "Canopy Walk". We need to take a boat to cross the river, and then walk through the jungle to reach there. Amazingly, there's a full signal in the jungle ! Oh well, Maxis rocks ! =D. I guess someone should know cause I'm texting you that time ! xD~

Dalam van tengah pergi ke jeti.

Look at my face ! Told you I'm sleepy..>.< ! Click to see my big mouth !

And still waiting for our tour guide to bring us across the river untillllll........

Ambik kau Haris ! Kena marah !

It's good to see them flying around wild rather than seeing them in cages. =) Our tour guide told us that this is his 2nd time seeing Hornbill this near to him after 5 years. I guess we're lucky huh !?

Hmm..I wonder what was i looking at...

Bamboos !

The pathway we took to Canopy Walk

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy in front !

Even though we reached, we still have to wait as there is alot of pll queuing for it =S

Orang Monyettt !

We were waiting and waiting and waiting for our turn untilllllll......

ZzZZzZzzZZzZz...I slept for like an hour there ! But still..we have to wait for like 2 and a half hour for our turn.

Whyyy laaaa pll have to do that when I'm sleeping..=.= !! Not good taking pll's picture when they're sleeping ! Moreover we're in a jungle !! Lagi teruk !


And then la finally our turn to go up !!

We have to like stop at stations to wait for the pathway to be empty. Overload of pll will make the pathway go swinging here and there and we might fall.

In case you guys don't know, I'm afraid of heights. =.=

Simply love nature ! =)

So after getting down from Canopy Walk, we cam-whored like 30 minutes there ? Oh well, actually we're kinda purposely cuz the tour guide made us wait for him earlier on, so it's payback time ! He was pissed and angry when we got down ! Padan Muka !

Lots and lots of pose coming up !

We actually took pics there using tripod..=D

Sesated Shu Ying doing flower pose ! xD~

Poser Maut !!!

Amazing Race new season coming soon !

We are actually rushing back to our hotel for lunch time because we have to go to Gua Telinga in like 15 minutes !? So yeah, we delayed that to like 30-45 minutes but we still can make it luckily =)

On the way to Gua Telinga

I wonder how tall this tree is =/

The tree is freaking HUGE !!

Now can you imagine how HUGE the tree is ? Our tour guide says this tree already exist since the dinosaur world until now. Amazing huh ?!

This is the entrance to Gua Telinga. I know......It doesn't look like an entrance at all. I thought the cave would be like those in Batu Caves but it's not. You couldn't imagine how hard it is to go through the whole cave. You have to slide, squeeze, climb, crawl and also be readyyyyyy forrrrrr......

BATS !! They're everywhere around you ! And the best thing is they fly just above your head ! Not only that, you have to climb and all touching their shits ! Though they have cave water there, but it's still the same, you still wash your hands with their.....Eeeewwwwwwwwwww !

Thousands of them ! And we also spot a very HUGE toad inside the cave. It's as big as your head ! I'm serious ! And also you can't look into the toad's eyes because if you do, the toad will pee on you and you can go BLIND straight ! Creeeeepy...~

Gawd...That was one hella cave ! It's not easy to get through the whole thing. We look all wet and clean in front right ? Wait till you see the back of us !

Taadaaaaaaaa....!!! Click to enlarge to see our filthy butts ! xD~

Farid the tour guide !! He's is so good and funny ! A better tour guide than the previous one !

Those are not dirts on my butt...Those are bat shits !!

So after the cave, we head to see the Orang Asli. They are extremely dark like Africans and they have those super curly hairs. But some of them look like Malays too. There are two territories of Orang Asli there. One is not very civilized cuz they don't WEAR anything at all. I even saw one of them with Afro hairstyle ! xD~ The one we went is those which are quite civilized already. They know how to talk in Malay and the funny part is, when they are struggling to light a fire using THEIR way, one of them actually took out their lighter to light it ! Haha ! But all of us were staring at him so he put it back into his pocket..xD~

Fen : Oi Ben ! Let me try la ! I wanna see inside la !

Ben : Waittt laaaa..Pll haven finish seeing you wanna see already~ Plus now you transform to Kelawar edi..oso kenot see anything laaa !!
Fen : Wey you damn bad la !

Ben : Chill la yorrrr...Let you see oso you kenot hunt anything..xD~

Fen : *runaway and cries* Bwahahahaha !

This is the way they light a fire =)

Taaaaadaaaaa....after like 15-20 minutes. It's not easy. Need a lot of strength to pull the "rotan" to light it up.

She look extremely funny here ! Haha ! Told you you CANT hunt ! xP~

My turn ! My turn !!

*drum rollsssssss..............*





I hit Tweety's *ehem ehem* on my first shot ! Okayyy....~~!! I'm off for hunting !!

SEE !!! He really look like an African !

Forgot to tell you something. The kids there are also extremely SHY. Like really really shy. We ask them to take a picture with us but they ran and hide till god knows where..=.=..Too bad..=/

We were all wet when we reach our rooms cuz on the way back Farid asked me.......

Farid : Korang nak balik dengan basah ke kering ???

Ben : Ermmmmm.......

Farid : *whoooooooshhhhhh*

Ben : I'm all wet !!!!

And there goes the war ! All of us are like just finish swimming. Good thing too =D Wash away all the bat shits..xD~

Pretty hectic activities huh on the 2nd day ? But it's all worth it ! =) Had a very very good experience. By night we were all playing truth and dare and slept our night off to get ready for one last activity on the next day.....

My first time experiencing PaintBall.

Though we had alot of fun in it, we come out with alot of bruises and scratches all over our body. Plus I think i got bitten by some insects on my lower part of my tummy and also my thigh. It's still freaking itchy until today ! =.=

Supposingly heading to Bukit Tinggi for dinner but we reached early plus there's some aftershock there on that day itself around 2-3pm..=S. So we head to Gohtong Jaya to lepak lepak awhile before heading for dinner.

Soooooo...started laaa again all the cam-whoring sessions

Benji (King), Adrian and Nick (My Chair), Lawrence (My "tai kam" xD~), Pris, Fen, Ying, and Carol ( My "guai feis" =D)

Bwahahahaha ! ( Mind me, infected by Kristine's laugh ! Bwahahahaha ! )

Yesh I know we're crazy~~!!

The next Lidi Panda...not KungFu Panda..xD~

Testing my skills at first..=P

Yeah..I eventually fly back to my house ! Bwahahahaha !