Wednesday, October 1, 2008

~Malacca Trip~

Exams finishes and went for a vacation on the 22nd and 23rd of Sept to Malacca with my fellow friends =) Wasn't a bad trip after all. Had a lot of fun ! Especially the night where we were hanging out in our apartment~ xD~

Decided to bring along my 7 zai for a vacation too. Since he stayed in my room for so long. Haha ! He enjoyed a lot too there. A lot people sayang him. xD~

So as usual, she would be cam-whoring here and there. Biasakan saje lah.

My car was screaming for help on the highway. [ click pic to enlarge] ngek ngek.

After one and a half hour driving time, reached A Famosa and we were thinking should we go to the animal park cuz we were actually there for the Water World but unfortunately it closed down for renovation. =.=

Look what you have done ! Told you not to kencing everywhere ! Haha !

And so, we were actually there to visit stupid fella's relatives as she hasn't seen them for quite some time. Sy yeah, we have to pay 50 bucks to get inside just to see her relatives.

Cool t-shirt I had there. With my name on it ! =D !

There were a few animal shows there and i can tell you, stupid fella's relatives memang can perform !

Oh yeah forgot to mention that not only we're there for her relatives. For her boyfriend too. wanna know why ? [Orang Utan] - Yo wassup my nigga black kukujiao. Bwahahaha !

Now you guys know why ! Told you she was there to look at her boyfriend ! Not bad actually, her boyfriend have a stuntman's skills, and also Tiger Woods skills as well ! Yes he can play Golf !

Gu Wong aka Lou 9. Check out his nail. xD~

On the way to Monkey Island. If you've guessed right, yeah it's stupid fella's sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters and bla bla bla.

This few little fellas here, are damn active and damn greedy. Once you have food with you, they'll follow you the whole island. Luckily they're cute, if not aku awal awal dah baling kat sungai tuh.

He claims to be one of stupid fella's ex. [ She's gonna kill me for all this stories] Haha !

Mua tired face. Haven got enuf sleep the day yesterday and have to drive all the way to A Famosa and look at her relatives. Kesian tau.

This stupid little thing here, super duper LAZY I tell you. Since the time I was there, until the time we left, he is still at this exact same pose and same place. Wtf.

Actually I found them kinda cute at first, cuz once somebody passes by them, they would like beg for food with that cute lil animal tone. But once you've heard for few times, you'll feel like chop slam them. Annoying creatures. =.=

Forced by someone for this pose. Aihs Aihs

A group pic. The lil chicks inside the farm are just toooo cute. =) After A Famosa, went for check in and finally I got to rest for awhile ! Room was not bad. Kinda spacious but it's kinda creepy. Cuz it's like no one staying at the whole damn floor. After some rest, head out to Malacca town to look for...........................................


Awesomeness to the MAX ! Don't know why I look so chubby here. =.=. Was freaking hungry that I've ate 22 sticks. Haha !

Budak nih. Tau makan aje. Apa pun tak tau.

Aftermath of Satay Celup. Blurppppppppppp~~

Was driving back to our apartment and then realize that there were a lot of stars above the sky. Seriously like a lot ! Can just stare at them all night long. Even more than the previous time I went to Taman Negara. So we stop by at the roadside to have a look at those. Tho we are far apart now, we are still under the same sky. I'm glad I had those times =)

Tengah pandu balik ke apartment.

Started-lah all the cam-whoring again. I'll tell you the amount of pics we took in Malacca after I finish the post. Don't be surprise of the number. =.=

To celebrate our holidays ! First with sparkling juice first !

Goyang goyang goyang goyang goyang, paaaaaaaapppppp........HURRAY !!!!

Eh boss, rilek arr.....aku minum jangan takut, takkan lari punya.

I wonder what's there. Once is enjoying, one stunt-ed, another one laughing. =.= Spot 7 Zai !

Once upon a time, ade lah seorang beruk yang suka pakai baju yang berwarna kuning dan juga suka sangat kat CJ7, dia nih suka sangat lah nak kencing merata-rata tempat pastu lari terus. Dia ingat kita tak nampak so nak cover-cover lah sikit. Tapi dia nih tak pandai cover. Selalu kena kantoi ! Ade juga-lah member dia seorang nih yg jugak suka kencing merata-rata.

Nih lah member dier yg sama jugak. Tapi dier nih memang-lah pandai nak cakap banyak-banyak sampah. Haha !

After we finished the sparkling juice, here comes the main actor ! Tuborg awesome !

We were playing a game where there is 6 of us, placed 6 empty cups on the table and so, we have only six cards from num 1-6. Each person will draw a card and if the cup is empty, you can pour how much liquor/beer you want. If it's not empty, you hafta drink it. If all the cups are occupied or if you continuously draws 3 times which the cups are occupied, you hafta drink all the remaining cups ! A game where you will get drunk very fast !

See ! My 7 Zai is lovable ! So after the beer finished, we head to the next game. A popular TRUTH or DARE game ! Nasty nasty pics coming up right after this !!!

At first, me and Xian already kena. Haha imagine all you can on what's she doing. xD~ She actually kena that she hafta hug me and then facing the sky and tell me that she loves me. Can see from my face that I'm laughing my ass off.....Bwahahahahaha ! GOTCHA !

Next is Xemanta hafta kiss Gu wong's leg. Kesian jugak la that's why we put a tissue there. xD~

I pity her lor....always oso she kena one lol. You will see a lot of Xemanta's pics in this game !!

Pastu, these two fella pulak kena dare from me. Not a normal toothpaste, but an "icy cool" colgate toothpaste ! Haha !

Lain kali, jangan nak kenakan orang, see.....ownself kena balik ! And it has to be there for like more than half an hour ! Already felt numb by then. Takda rasa edi..LoL~

Another forced-by-all-the-monkeys-for-this-pose !!

See I told you, she keep kena that night ! They hafta catch each other and roll on the floor for 3 rounds~ xD !

Spotted again ! Kisses Gu Wong's forehead. =D

Ala, jangan la malu-malu nak cover your face !

Okay I'm getting bored of it. She kena non-stop ! Till a point where we stop the game. LoL~

This few pics here are darn darn funny ! They got dared by biting each other's hand and there must be a teeth print there ! Sakit I tell you~ Even she haven't even started to bite yet ! Look at his expression. Priceless !

Take it like a man la ! =.=

See the fella's balas dendam face. Hafta pose 1st huh before biting ! I found this pic damn funny and I'm still laughing ! Haha !

Another stupid fella. Haven't bite edi scared. [Stupid fella - Please......~~!! Don't bite me !!! I'm sorry !!! Don't so hard please !!! I can feel the pain already !!! >.< ]

After that one, we end the game and all of us were kinda tired. But the night is still yeah, did some other interesting stuffs ! Traffic light !!

It all started from the guy's room. Wrestling !!! And I call tell you that it is really going more and more crazy on the other room~~~


WRESTLING !!! And then suddenly..........................................................................

Me, Xian and Ron fell down. A pretty ugly one ! Haha !

We played until the bed split half and 3 of us fell down and in screaming pain while another one still on the bed screaming for pain too. I guess we accidentally hit his cock that's why he's holding it. Haha !

We're the HARDY BOYS ! Gu Wong there acting like a referee counting to three ! LoL~ [ Victim - Xian ]

After some resting, we decided to go to the golf club lying down there to see stars. Amazingly, we saw 3 shooting stars that night. I just can hope for the best =) [ Forgot to bring my slippers up, so I hafta kaki ayam to get my slippers. ]

Can you feel the pain ? Bengkak the next day. LoL !! And so, that was our amazing night. Loads of fun and kinda tired too. Wanted to get a good sleep but end up didn't get to sleep much. All Ron and Gu Wong punya pasal. We were sleeping together and I fall asleep first. But I woke up in the middle of the night bcuz my shoulder was aching until I really couldn't sleep. Plus those two fella are snoozing like buffalos. Seriously I couldn't take it. Plus they still can curse while sleeping. =.=.....That is not the important part, the guy above, is like an elephant ! I have to squeeze myself ! He's taken all my place. Wtf. Plus when he sneeze, OMG........all the saliva and everything came out like a fountain, splashes to my face I tell you, and I woke up, curse him like nobody's business (he couldn't hear a thing) and I went out to the living room to get some rest.

Finally some rest, but for awhile only. Sheesh~

When I woke up, I saw this poor little thing on the floor. Look at his expression, he's sooooo unhappy ! Who the hell throw him down and let him sleep on the floor ???!!!!

He is sooooooo DOWN !!! After everyone packed their things and so on, we checked out and head to the town for brunch.

Gai Lap Fan. Seriously super duper AWESOME !!! 6 of us, finished a whole chicken. Imagine that. And also 6 of us finished like ummm...60 Gai Lap Fan ? Fwoahhhh !

Sapu-ed all ! Cheap and satisfying meal !

Jalan-jalan cari makan. Heading to the museum~

Xellrene, Ron, Benji, Roro, Xem. [Photographer - Stupid Fella ]

Simply beautiful =)

Oi, bangun la ! Gua nak naik beca lah !


Inside the museum~ Spot my name !

Freaking hot country ! It was soon tea time and we head to the famous Ice-Kacang shop in Jonker Street.

Took some pictures on the way there~ =)

Sakai Xem......xD~

Desperately looking for a job ! Any vacancy for him guys ???

The Ice-Kacang there is famous for their superb Gula Melaka. You can't find any of these in KL !!

So before we head back to KL, stop by a temple for some praying.

I'm bringing sexy back......YEAH ! Them mother fuc*ers don't know how to act...YEAH !!

And so, we head back to KL on two cars.

Total of pics taken for this be exact...........557 pictures !!! Broke Record !!!!
Went down to Seremban to pass something for Xian's sis and then went for dinner in Seremban. Stop at shops to get siew pau and off we head back to KL. I swear to god I can sleep anytime while I was driving. Get myself awake, blast some songs, while contacting here and there cuz I'm rushing back to KL for a futsal game. After everything finished, went home, took a shower and then...........